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You'll need to manually remove all visible snails. When you do so and if the clam is sitting in the sand you need to remove some of the sand it is sitting in, there may be snails in it too. Visually inspect the clam for eggs and if you see some put the clam in a container of tank water and scrub the eggs off, return the clam to the tank and discard the scrub water.

You don't need to post pic's yet. But possibly later if things get worse.

don't qt the clams now. Your new clam probably carried the snails in. It is good to qt new clams to be sure of their health. I made the same mistake.

With alot of picking snails and a little luck your clams should be ok but it is going to take some time.
Well, I'm off to give my reef a 30 min freshwater dip!!

That should fix it everything right???