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right now, my water enters into a 10"x12" section of a regular 15g tank. the water enters a 25 micron bag & i have a euroreef es5-3 skimmer in that section. then over, under, & over 3 baffels(spaced 1" apart with the middle 1 being 1" off the bottom of tank. then thru a 7"x12" section w/ LR, LS, & chaeto. then over another single baffel to the mag 9.5. i have a coralreef 9 watt light over the cheato.

75g Tank
15g Refugium
Mag 9.5 Return
Euroreef ES5-3 Protein Skimmer
T5 lights
Seio Super Flow Pump M1100
Seio Super Flow Pump M620