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you could keep a larger (meaning non-dwarf) angel in that sized tank. I'd avoid keeping any of the largest angels, that get over a foot long - that still leaves you a few nice choices. Scott Michael's book on angelfishes and butterflies would be a great place to start researching your selection. It provides aquarium suitability ratings, adult sizes and other great information. Especially with butterflies, you really need to research aquarium suitability - so many don't do well because of dietary issues (like being obligate coralivores).

you could keep a few of the smaller tangs, as well. I love mimic tangs (chocolate tang). I'd avoid the ones that get really big and the ones that are very aggressive or delicate. That still leaves you with some nice choices.

since you want fairy/flasher wrasses, be sure the top is well covered and that you don't have any fish that will be too aggressive or competitive with the wrasses.

I would never NOT upgrade to a larger tank whenever I could, but no one that isn't an aquarium hobbyist thinks I'm quite right in the head.