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New Life Spectrum Pellets

All of that sounds good, but New Life Spectrum foods creator has a 2000 gallon tank with hundreds of fish he has maintained with his pellets only for over 8 years. If you check the web site, these fish look outstanding. He also indicates he has no problem with HLLE, or other diseases. They are very healthy looking and maximum colors. He maintains each feeding of his foods contain all the food requirements they need. He said feed his food execusively to ensure all their requrements food/vitamins, etc are supplied at each meal. I also like the new Formula pellet foods that are even more fresh with new ingredients. Most even contain garlic and many vitamins. I was using only frozen foods in the past, and some of my fish are 8 years old (blue tang/clown trigger). But, my emperor developed HLLE, so I am trying new foods, supplements. I also think that pellets keep the water cleaner. In other words it is like us eating a meal that always contains vegetables, meat, vitamins, breads, etc every meal, instead of eating just meat one meal and missing the other ingredients.