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Well here I go again. I had a zebra angel die a several months ago from an undiagnosed parasitic infection. None of the other fish showed or have shown signs of infection. I think I waited too long to begin treatment and it appeared to suffocate to death from an infestation in its gills. I tried a formalin dip to no avail so I think it was probably ich or amlyoodinium occelatum. I was unable to treat the entire tank it was in, because my cowfish could not tolerate copper and I had no quarantine or hospital tank at the time. Having had several months pass with no signs of a problem in the main tank I felt confident enough to replace the angel. I bought another Zebra angel about a month ago, a female this time, and put it into my newly acquired isolation tank. About a week and a half ago it started to show signs of a parasitic infection (spots and heavy respiration). I started hypo, which seemed to have no effect and the condition worsened. After researching the symptoms, I have come to the conclusion that it is either Brook or amlyoodinium. Both require different treatments, neither of which will kill both parasites. This time I’m covering all bases by doing a Formalin bath and running copper in the tank. This angel is much stronger than the other, most likely because of the advanced stage of the disease in the first one. I'll report back with my progress as it unfolds