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Brooklynilla is a predominant fish disease though other fish can be affected by it. Normally the fish starts breathing very heavily and stops eating, it also will start to get a slime coat that is milky in color and in advance cases the clown or affected fish may swim close to the top in an effort to get more oxygen. The disease parasite attacks the gills and starts to suffocate the fish from what I understand.

Our female is doing great right now. Instead of treating her with formalin (since it didn't help the male) I decided to treat her with copper and low salinity. We removed her from the tank and set her up in a large critter tank with some pvc, a heater and air tube. When I first started her in it, she shed her slime coat which was really milky and she looked horrible. But over time it all came off and she slowly started to swim some more and finally started eating again. Now she eats 3 times a day (small amounts) and comes to the surface to feed. She has also adopted the bottom corner of the tank to be her host and seems to lay down and not move much until you come near the tank, then she is swimming around hoping you will feed her. She has been in the separate tank for about 3 weeks and is doing great. No signs of any problem. As for the rest of the tanks, no other fish has shown signs of any disease and are eating healthly. I guess the clowns became succeptible becasue they both had small wounds on their sides from hosting in the frogspawn. They dart into it so fast they must bump into the branches and scratch themselves. We'll probably wait a little longer before adding her back into the tank and are thinking about getting a mate for her. She really misses having someone to swim with.