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Thank you for your response, unfortuantly it was too late. The night I posted we did a formalin dip and the male responded a little bit but then a couple days later he looked worse then he did before the dip. We knew he was probably not going to make it but we had to do everything we could to try to save him so we did another formalin dip about 4 days after the 1st dip. The next morning he was dead. Our female has started to show a little bit of the signs, not as much as the male when we started treating him, so hopefully we will be able to cure her and she will survive. We did a formalin dip on her two days ago and she has been swimming great in her little tank and seems to go after food, though we're not sure if she is eating or not. We are also doing daily water changes to her tank since there is no filtration in the tank, just a heater and a bubbler as well as some pvc pipe for hiding and swimming around.

We are also putting about a drop of formalin in the tank with her every three days to try to kill any of the parasite that is in the water column and are doing this every few days because of the water changes we are doing.