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Rotifer Questions

I started my first attempt at rotifers on Wednesday night. The rotifers were packed in a pouch with very green water. I sat the pouch on the counter to get it to room temperature. The package was small about 250 ml. I checked the Salinity of the water and it was 1.023. I took 250ml of tank water and diluted to 1.023 and put it in the microwave for 3:00 minutes on high. Let it cool to room temperature. I then mixed the two together. And started to bubble away with a slow bubble rate. I had to readjust the rate to stop the bubbles collecting rotifers on the side of the container. The water was a green colour from the packaged phyto. It has now been 36 hours and the water still has a distinct green tinge to it. I would have expected the rotifers to have eatan all the phyto by now however culture was under contnious light for approxiamtely 24 hours then 8 hours of dark. The lights just came back on. They are in a total of 500ml of water. Is their any way to tell if the rotifers I bought were actaully alive.