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i am gonna kill myself

Well for some insane reason i thought that moving and infected clown into my tank would save him as i have a cleaner shrimp, and live sand bed to destroy the case of marine ich.

well the clown is dead and now my purple tang is completely covered....

the shrimp seems to be all over the tang, and i will be adding another cleaner shrimp or two tommorow (i was going to be getting them anyway)

i feel like if i lose the fish then so be it. If i can save them then i will do what i can.

I have lowered my salinity from 1.024 to 1.019

I am not going to break it all down and take out the live rock to get these fish out.

even then by the time i get a q/t tank going i am sure it will be too late...

i guess what i really want to know is wht are the chances of weathering this storm and do i need to really start all over again to effectively remove all ich from tank?

the tang is stong and is still eating.

i also put in a small amount of tetra marine oomed which claims to be reef safe.

is there anything to treat main tank with that would be, live rock, snail,shrimp and starfish safe, i have no anenome. but there are some intersting things on my live rock that i could not categorize..