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I bought my first rots in Nov. After they a day or two I thought they were dead so I just left them in the 1L jar and ordered some more. Well Wouldn't you know it after my new rots arrived the jar was clear and I could see them in there. So now I have five or six 1L jars going (half filled) that I sieve and combine every week. I experiment with atleast one of my jars a week( feeding different things to see what I can get away with). And I have rots out my ***. I can feed them 6ml of Rotifer Diet in the morning and again when I come home from work the containers have just a slight yellow tint to them. I usually feed 1 of my jars to my tank a week. Could probably do it more often but it works for me that way. I said all that to say give it a few days. Also the salinity is a big factor. Population growth is amazing.

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