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Re: Fish Health Through Proper Nutrition

IF you offer your inhabitants foods that contain what their natural diet would contain, then you shouldn't need to add anything additional to it.
same with humans..if they consume what is recommended through diet,then addtional vits/min supplements are not needed.
huge retail maket for unnecessary supplemental diet additives.

in fact, by adding additional unmeasured additives in your livestocks diet could possibly produce adverse effects if the amounts exceed what they would normally digest in the wild.
just a random thought here...

i do, however, randomly add a squirt of Zoe or selcon. but mainly due to the fact that i think i may underfeed.

Originally posted by leebca

Adding small quantities of trace elements to a fish only aquarium is recommended.
recommended by who? unless you're testing for would you know they are deficient and what quantity would be needed?