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I'm sorry. I'm not familiar with that product. From the list your provided one essential vitamin, Vitamin D, is not listed. However, it may be hidden in the "fish oils" part of the list. I don't see listed other vitamins I think are needed (C, E, etc.)

Vitamin D is one of the most difficult compounds for the fish to acquire, even in the wild. They need it for good eyesight, which I image isn't needed for inverts?

I tried a new product (at least new to me !): GVH by H2O Life. For those who like to also add garlic to their foods, this includes a solid group of vitamins AND garlic juice. I'd add this one to the original posted list, but I don't think I'd add the one you presented.

I've always been suspicious of the ingredient: Fish meal. What kind of fish? does this mean like fins, heads, bones, and ? and is the fish from the ocean/sea or freshwater?

If the ingredients follow the order of greatest quantity, then it is made up mostly of water, the fish meal, and eggs.

The eggs is an interesting ingredient. Egg yolk has been extensively used as a food source for many decades, but I'm unaware that whole eggs have been used (assuming by "eggs" it is meant, chicken eggs).

I would stick to a formula that is made for and sold as a fish vitamin supplement.