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i have had my new 40g fuge set up for about a month now.

the original chaeto that was growing in my bucket fuge was starting to die (hooked up to my old 125g set up).

i originally had a flow of about 300g through it via a split from my main return pump. the fuge initially started growing cyano but i saw a lot of pods crawling around. tons!!!

i then placed a maxijet 1200 in there.

chaeto started to tumble as anthony clafo stated one should do.

it has more than tripledin size since then. the green has also become very dark grean with a firm crisp texture. when i put the chaeto in originally, it was light green, soft and wilted.

i just added another powerhead and plugged them both into a spare red sea wavemaster pro.

this brings the total circulation to almost 900gph or 22.5x turnover per hour. chaeto looks phenomenol.

but...the pods must be hiding or chewed up from the powerhead cuz i havent really seen any. that looks like they don't like the heavy flow.

my fuge is meant for nutrient export and not pod production as there is a sponge prefilter on the overflow to prevent stray chaeto bits from entering the main display.

with 180 pounds of lr in the main display, this should be more than enough for my mandarin goby!
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