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I disagree with you on the grounds that we are using the fuge as not only nutrient export with chaeto but also to grow pods, mysis and other small critters that (correct me if I am wrong here) like calmer waters.

I think the slow flow is more for pod and critter health/growth.

As you put it earlier in this thread it is a highly adaptable macro. The chaeto grows well anyway with strong enough light.

In my opinion the fuge is a nursery for bio-diversity and a nutrient export tank

I think for overall health of the fuge slow flow is the way to go.

I don't think 50GPH in a 30g fuge is good but certainly 200GPH is fine.

Who cares if there is some cyano? It is consuming nutrients just like chaeto. Just siphon it off when you harvest the macro.
Just more nutrient export.

I think nutrient export is a part of the equation but bio-diversity is a building block for stability.

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