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Hi, I am going thru an ich battle myself... I have a 70 gallon tank with about 12 pcs of live rock, cleaner shrimp, peppermint shrimp, feather duster, and 4 firefish... well, the firefish developed ich after a week, and have had it for around a week and a half. I have been treating with Chem-marine Stop Parasites, Coral Vital and Garlic. The spots go away for a while only to re appear... the fish are fine, eating active, ect....

doesnt saltwater ich destroy the tank like
freshwater ich? I mean if freshwater ich was left be it would cover the fish and they would be gasping at the top, or lying on the bottom......

this is most confusing... I have two coralife 9w UV units that are rated to support 125 gallons each... I could hook those up, but the chem marine says not to use one when using that product.......

I have purchased a 20 gallon tank for quarantine, but I dont relish chasing 4 very fast firefish around a well decorated tank.......I need advice bad! please help!