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capnskunk ,
The health of your bio filter can only be known by using it and testing levels of NH3 and N02. While media that has been kept in a sump may have beneficial bacteria populations, it will not be a healthy population IMO. Bio wheels in particular need huge oxegen turnover in order to be active. That's why they spin. You are much better off setting up a quarantine that always has a bioload so that when you need the filter it is ready. This is best accomplished by dosing the fish free quarantine with the appropriate amount of ammonia chloride and testing for filter health.
A fish put into a ammonia or nitrite rich tank will develop disease even if it were healthy.

Also as a note of caution, I have never seen a Hipo (blue)tang that was not a carrier of protazoa. Make sure you quarantine and treat it. Put it in your tank and ypou risk all existing populations.