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Hi, all.

I'm setting up a new refugium (20 gals). I'm running a mature tank (7 years) with a deep sand bed and stable, healthy chemistry.

Here's my question: should I keep this new tank off line (e.g. not being fed and draining into the main system) until it goes through nitrication cycle. Will it go through a cycle like this if fed by 120 gals of established reef and water flow?

I'll be placing established live rock and a new bag of "live" agragonite sand into the refugium and plan to let it all settle out before planting it and setting up some algae screens.

So: recommendations. Let it sit pretty and stinky before linking in, or will the established tank manage the new load and any nitrification cycle that occurrs?

Also, any recommendations on lighting? I plan to do reverse daylight (as I do with my sump).

Thanks for any advice you might have!

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