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One other bennie: when I set up the second time, I had major rock die off, and real sandbed problems [strong pump, blowing sand] that would have played havoc with my urgent need to get all my lfs-boarded corals and fish out of their tanks and into mine.

I had a 1-week cycle and steady-down to spot-on readings. I later figured it wasn't my wounded main-tank sandbed that had carried everything: it was my 20g refugium with its deep sandbed and strongly-growing cheato. It saved my main tank from a real mess and let me get my corals and fish back before the lfs [who was using sale tanks to board my stuff] lost patience.

I never figured a refugium could save the display by remaining bio-active through a nitrite crisis, but it's large relative to my tank and I'm willing to bet it did.

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