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I'm fairly new to the reef deal.... I'm having this same issue. However I'm adding nothing to my tank yet the Calcium rises from Scripts natural sea water at about ~400ppm up to 525 by just sitting in my tank for a few days. I can't seem to stay below 500ppm.
I figured KH must be wayy off. It's 11.8 So i'm not way out of range. Phospate 0 and Nitrates are high currently 50ppm! usually though I have the same issue even with nitrates at <5ppm. I had a small clam die recently and I think it bumped the nitrates sky high, I did 25% water change on the spot.. I'll do 10% daily from here till the nitrates are better. Still I'd expect that's all unrelated to my CA issue.

What can I do to help this? IVE NEVER ADDED CALCIUM...EVER. Yet my CA rates just keep climbing until I have to water change again.

I've got to be missing something, it just makes no sense. How can natural sea water with nothing added have the CAlcium rates climb on their own. Is it the rock I have in the tank giving it off?

Also recently my frogspawn unattached itself from its skeleton, while still looking healthy even seperate I tried to glue it.... worked for a day then came loose, then I tried to tie it down which caused it to die on the line where it was tied then killing the rest of it.

I'm not sure if that is linked somehow to my problem... HELP

55 gal.