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i think this 23 year old has a problem with our store for some reson we cant keep everyone happy... we try but it is not possible all the time that i know...

maybe he bought something and it died or he is freinds with some other shop in our area and we are cheap.. and after this will be cheaper

so he has not helped them any to bag me and my shops on a forum...

i have looked at the cctv and with the help of his photos you can see he is wearing a hsv shirt {in the refection off the glass}
i know who he is..

if you would like because a lot of you are a long way away i will post some photos on here next week of my shop and the filter systems.

then you can make up your own mind from facts.....

if we had 3 dead fish and 20 that looked bad i am sorry but last shipment was 3256 fish so i guest the % is low....

and i would not be selling them week after week if there no good........

when you see the size of my shops you will understand sometimes its hard to keep the algae under control on all the tanks.

i just found some photos of when i was building..

i will get some new photos next week........

regards kevin