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wow. a reply from the man himself... but there are a lot of fish shops that are in business for a long time that keep their fish unhealthy. aqw how come you don't take better care of the tanks your live stock is presented in? being in the hobby for over 20 years im sure that you know one of the things we look for in the hobby is that before we purchase livestock we evaluate the environment that they are currently being housed in to determine if that 200$ anthias is going to survive for more than a month after purchase.... the condition of your tanks is that i think the OP is concerned about as well as the health and well being of the fish your keeping. now if your water quality is top notch and all thats wrong is that you don't have a mag-float to clean up the tanks ill happily donate a magfloat and some 4 month old 250watt MH bulbs to try and save your live stock.
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