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I live in sydney nsw. Im only 15 and this is one of the things that sucks in Australia. The LFS are very crappy, they put magnificas under 2 fluros whcih are 1metre above the water and once when i was a noobie I bought a baby blue tang and they gave me freshwater ich medication. They didnt even worn me that copper was toxic to inverts. One alright place in sydney is in rockdale called st. george aquariums. It has pretty good specimens but then again they are all dirty in the tank. Theres one other place in willoubhy which was run by 2 asians man and wife. The condition which they kept their tanks was disgusting. There live rock section was like muddy water and all there fish were kept in brownish water. The only good thing was there 2 display tanks which they took care of. My conclusion is Australia is a bad place to start this type of hobby. Cleaner shrimp sell for $200 AUD minumem and there are very few websites which sell online for cheap.