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And while im here, i may as well mention the latest, I mentioned in my origional post that these guys do alot of buisiness by selling actual tanks, well it turns out that they are also cutting alot of corners in this department also(nothing certain yet, i will do alot more research to be sure). Long story short, instead of supplying aquariums that meet the local requirments of electrical and glass pressure safety, the owner travels to Taiwan, buys hundreds of local quality (NOT EXPORT QUALITY) and ships them to Australia for next to nothing. Upon arrival, the lighting wiring systems are badly rewired (obviously by someone that shouldn't be) to match our 240 V supply and plug fitting, then the new wiring is sealed behind A PIECE OF CARDBOARD!! Needless to say that many reports are now flying around that these tanks have a habit of electrocuting their owners. The glass is also half the thickness it should be, and at least 4 tanks that I know of personally have cracked through the middle of the rear pane of glass (every single one basically in the same failure point). Im not talking about slow leaks here, im talking instantaneous complete tank failure (eg. 100 gallons of saltwater flowing through your living room). However i will do more research and hopefully get my hands on one of their worthless lighting hoods that come with the tanks so i can dismantle it and have a good look at exactly what the do with the wiring. If i find anything funny dodgy i will post some pics on here. Thanks for caring, lots more info to come.
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