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I honestly dont think these guys could care less, if it looks pretty and sells these guys stock it. Hopefully this nudibranch thing will blow up in their face. Wont be long now till customers start coming back to the store saying that their nudibranch has dissappeared and now all their fish/corals are dead. When I have questioned them about their ways on keeping fish stocks they just reply with "oh, thats how the boss likes to do it, he knows his stuff". None of the staff are local to their store either, all the staff rotate between the three stores in my area, how can they honestly have any idea of the condition of their tanks when they are only at a single store for a day at a time. Anyways, going to go james bond style (lol), and try and snap some damning pics today, I really want to bring these guys down. Allowing stores like this to flourish will cause major problems for our wonderful hobby in the not too distant future, I am sure. I wonder if i collected enough evidence against them, would the RSPCA even bother looking into the matter. Or is it just up to us aquarists to try and "boycott" certain stores in a vain attempt to protect our hobby. There MUST be a better way.
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