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KErickson978 01/12/2008 01:11 AM

Pyramid snails!!! big problem!
While cleaning my tank i noticed one pyramid snail on the shell of my larger crocea clam, so i went to pick it off and noticed that its byssal threads were pretty much gone so i picked it up and found about 15 more of the little bas&^#$@ on the shell. at this point i am freakin out because i just added another crocea no more than 4 days ago, and dont want both of them to be attacked much less one of them. should i set up a temporary quarantine tank for the clams? i dont have any idea of how to get rid of these creatures or how bad they actually are.. the snails i found have been removed and disposed of... i took some pictures but wont be able to post them tonight cause i need to put them on my other computer then transfer them to a memory card that fits this one but the memory card is nowhere to be found =(
i dont know if it not having been connected to the rock is a sign of problems or not but to me its bad cause its been attached to that spot for about 5 months constantly.
Any and all help is greatly apreciated!!!!!

skinz78 01/12/2008 02:07 AM

You'll need to manually remove all visible snails. When you do so and if the clam is sitting in the sand you need to remove some of the sand it is sitting in, there may be snails in it too. Visually inspect the clam for eggs and if you see some put the clam in a container of tank water and scrub the eggs off, return the clam to the tank and discard the scrub water.

You don't need to post pic's yet. But possibly later if things get worse.

don't qt the clams now. Your new clam probably carried the snails in. It is good to qt new clams to be sure of their health. I made the same mistake.

With alot of picking snails and a little luck your clams should be ok but it is going to take some time.

KErickson978 01/12/2008 02:59 AM

Thank you for the help, the clams were up on the rock work and i did not see any around which doesnt mean they were not, but i will be checking everytime i walk by... for the next... however long the tanks running for probally... do these snails only hang out near the clams? cause if so would placing a peice of clam meat from the deli on the sand attract them? then i could siphon those ones out...

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