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black_majik 01/11/2008 09:33 PM

Your Favorite Nano Fish.
I need some ideas for my aquapod 12 and I figured people can show off their own or their favorite nano fish. Well here is mine even though I cannot have one :


msu spartan 01/11/2008 09:36 PM

yea i like those better than the mandarin

id say...... hmmmmmmmm....... occelarus clown or yellow watchman goby

i dont know, thers alot of good ones

ezcompany 01/11/2008 10:28 PM

hrm. mandarins are definitely not a nano fish, they are nano sized though.

poo-tang 01/12/2008 12:21 AM

i bet you could keep a mandarin in a nano, you just need a good plan.

JM68 01/12/2008 01:18 AM

i agree with ezcompany. unless you can dedicate time every day and have the resources to add pods to the tank daily. i love my dracula goby definitely my favorite nano fish.

ImAFinAddict 01/12/2008 01:52 AM

any small goby: greenband goby, clown goby, hifin redbanded goby, firefish or catalina (providing there is a chiller).

oceanhighz 01/12/2008 02:45 AM

Geometric pygmy hawk, red headed goby, green banded goby, three of my favorites, I have owned all, and all prospered so far

Laddy 01/12/2008 04:28 AM

An ocellaris, with the limited space is my vote for a number of reasons;

a) they're narcissistic as hell, so you'll see them all the time
b) very hardy; my two have been with me six years at this point, suffering through my stupidity and experimention
c) won't bother corals--mine have hosted in a frogspawn for years
d) you can't beat the coloration
e) will eat anything
f) i haven't had one person walk past my nano tank without saying, "hey neat, a clown fish"

I also like the purple firefish, however, they are a bit reclusive.

Hope this helps.

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