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Reefworkschris 01/11/2008 02:16 PM

Nikon Settings help
I have a d40x and just bought a sigma 105mm macro and can't focus on anything. Apperently it doesn't have seperate focus and zoom rings so I don't know what i'm doing. What settings should I put the camera and any other help would be great.

beerguy 01/11/2008 02:25 PM

I shoot Canon so I'm not familiar with your camera but that's a single focus lens so there is no "zoom."

It has a focus ring to focus but to "zoom" you'll need to physically move yourself further from, or closer to, your subject. To switch between manual and automatic focus you push or pull the focus ring. Toward the body is MF, toward the end of the lens is AF. There is also a limit switch to help AF work faster. If you're focusing on a macro subject you should switch it to "full."

Reefworkschris 01/11/2008 02:52 PM

Well I figured out how to change to auto focus now. Thanks for that beerguy. So it's set to auto focus but it won't actually do it. Any ideas on how to actually make it auto focus. And what settings should I be using on the camera to get good pics.

beerguy 01/11/2008 02:56 PM

Like I mentioned, the "Limit" switch (on the lens) determines the range that the AF works in. Try changing that.

KurtsReef 01/11/2008 08:18 PM

Some third party lenses simply do not work with some camera's they fit on. Perhaps thats the case here.

But both should have come with manuals. The lens more than likely has an AF/MF switch to change between auto focus and manual focus. The camera more than likely has the same thing except it should have M/S/C M would be manual, S would be Single auto focus, and C continuous autofocus....with S it focuses once every time you depress the shutter half way down, with C it will focus as the camera or subject moves....and of course M is manual focus.

oct2274 01/11/2008 08:38 PM

i don't think the d40x has an internal focus motor and I do not believe that lens will auto focus on that camera because of that. I think you can only use that lens focusing manually on that body.

oct2274 01/11/2008 08:49 PM

i've never worked with a dslr nikon, but this mentions the lack of the internal drive motor and the sigma lens working fine except autofocus


maroun.c 01/12/2008 02:42 AM

oct2274 got it right.
The D40 will not autofocus with non AFS lenses.
AFS in Nikon terms mean if a lens has an internal focusing motor or not. don't know what the equivalent term for sigma is. try searching if your lens has an internal focusing motor or not. if not the you are stuck with manual focus which is not really bad in macro work when yo uget used to it. if you think it will bother you too much try returning the lens or switching it to another macro lens that has internl focusing motor.

drdoolittle 01/12/2008 03:18 AM

I have similar issue as Reefworkschris, I have a Nikon D80 with Nikon 105mm VR lens. But I still cant tank a crisp/sharp photo.

I could get close, but if i Zoom into the picture. Its out of focus.

Need help also, any help on setting is appreciated.

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