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Old 06/20/2005, 09:08 PM
Caesar777 Caesar777 is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Washington (not DC!)
Posts: 217
Kids, don't mind me cussin' so much. I figure it doesn't matter since it's all blipped out anyway. I may as well just type a bunch of stars...

**************************************************************************************************** *******************************************************************************

...and it could mean anything, or nothing at all.
Old 06/20/2005, 09:14 PM
Caesar777 Caesar777 is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Washington (not DC!)
Posts: 217
I don't mean to get so worked up, but come on... You're just trying to hassle me, and it really rubs me the wrong way. Not to sound like some circus-geek on Jerry Springer, but you don't even know me.
Old 06/20/2005, 09:21 PM
johnnye johnnye is offline
Registered Member
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: Northern VA
Posts: 7
Anyway, what's with you posting the same links several times? I'll explain EVERY DAMN ONE.

They're all individual links, just look at the thread id's.

and if you had a life outside of your computer

Well, I'm stuck at work sitting in front of a PC for the next 3 hours, I can do some more research if you would like. I can start with insults if I get really bored here.

All I'm trying to establish is that you're experienced with shipping, so you should know better. I've been through both FedEx and UPS claims and they both sent me back to the seller.
Old 06/20/2005, 09:33 PM
LanT LanT is offline
Registered Member
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Lower Merion, PA
Posts: 498
That's news to me--you never contacted me about that, like the other select few who are suddenly coming out of the woodwork with this stuff. Besides, they are NOT brown at ALL! They're PURE PURPLE under my light (50/50 PC's), and under other people's metal halides--and they're not even those often-overkill 20,000K's. Feel free to ask the others I've traded/sold them to; I traded them with other people who were quite happy with them. joshnemily from, for example, traded me three PPE-looking Blasto polyps for three of these, and they were very pleased. Tigahboy, a guy in Florida, and I are the only three people with frags of it, so it's not some common, cheap morph (not that ANY Blasto is now!). Feel free to ask for yourself--they were quite pleased with them.
I did say that they were brownish and not purple the day I got them and you assured me the color will return once the polyps acclimated. I just think you over rate your items. To say they are "PURE PURPLE" just backs up my theory even more. I also asked for a pic, but you had an excuse for not being able to take pics. I didn't know you have a digi cam otherwise I would have demanded a pic. Also, you keep saying how happy everyone you sell to is, yet you are getting numerous complaints. How are you so sure that everyone is so happy. Maybe more people will come out of the "woodwork" if they realized what they experienced wasn't an isolated incident. I didn't complain more because I thought you were a hobbyist, but after seeing the amount of items you sell, I'm more inclined to think you are trying to make a profit; thus, I think you over rate your items to make a better profit.

Anyway...10,000K's? Try getting a 14,000K bulb, at least. Everything looks terrible under those old 10,000K's.
Are you trying to imply that 10ks make everything look uglier? Or are you trying to say I can't get 14ks or 20ks

If they are truly "PURE PURPLE" then shouldn't they look atleast purple since they were "PURE PURPLE" to start with. How does Pure Purple turn to brown with just a change of bulb temp? But besides that, I use to use 20k xm. I didn't like the color because it made everything blue instead of representing the true colors. My orchid dottyback looked dark blue. If the 10k's are so old than why are many TOTM's still using them? Here are some pics of what 10k's look like in my tank.

I'm in the process of curing LR for my new 240g tank, so for now i'm holding all livestock in a temporary 75 gallon tank. I'm still using one 175 watt ushio for lighting, and yes, my RBTA is bleached from the move.

Close up of clam, so you can see all the colors 10k can represent.

Here's my 240g curing rock.
Old 06/20/2005, 09:44 PM
Caesar777 Caesar777 is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Washington (not DC!)
Posts: 217
WELL, Lan, of course a CLAM will look like that.

Johnnyeye(sp--I don't need to see your post a thousand times) - Actually, several of those links are to the same thing. Did you even look through them, or just copy-and-paste? I saw the Lobo at least twice. (NR crapped out halfway through my scanning through.) Anyway... I've shipped many times, but I haven't had problems with anything being damaged except the infamous broken tank. I have plenty of experience shipping, and with a great track record. (Short of lately, with the idiot pulser.)

Besides, I stand by what I've already said. They're purple. Of course a CLAM will GLOW under any MH. That's what they do--they're reflective. AND that's a top-down shot, a gimme. Like I said, talk to joshnemily, who was very pleased.

Now...As to my selling stuff. What have I sold lately? Some frags. Wow. Who doesn't? Again, people should actually LOOK AT THOSE LINKS. Within the past month or two, I've sold a bak-pak (upgraded to a Remora, and then again to a Remora PRO, and will upgrade again and sell the Pro), some lights I took off a tank (didn't sell yet, but the point still stands), and the chiller is in mid-sale. I already explained. As I said, plenty of people sell all kinds of stuff here, and I don't see you pointing your fingers at them.

Give it a rest.
Old 06/20/2005, 10:18 PM
LanT LanT is offline
Registered Member
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Lower Merion, PA
Posts: 498
My tank is on the floor, so I can only take top down for now. Even when I had acros, they still show better color that with 20k's. 20k's just makes things blue and mass the true color IMO.

I think the tone of all your post is very hostile. You use caps in a way that represents screaming. Some times a little coutesy can help your imagine. Maybe if you were less sarcastic and stubborn then people might not have posted some of these negative comments. I have an image of a screaming lady right now. Maybe you are a nice lady, but right now, she's screaming and boorish. The monkey doesn't help either.
Old 06/20/2005, 11:16 PM
Caesar777 Caesar777 is offline
Moved On
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Washington (not DC!)
Posts: 217
Lan, I suggested 14,000K's, not 20,000K's. I said the latter were too blue. Why the argument? I have 10,000K PC's that make them look very purple. Anyway... Hostile was exactly the word I expected to come up. I'm a very nice person, but when people back me into a corner with their BS, I can't help but push back. Besides, I'm not shouting, I'm putting great emphasis on the words in caps. Shouting is actually represented as something ALL IN CAPS WITH AN EXCLAMATION POINT AT THE END! LIKE THIS! I'm not shouting, hon. My point was to put emphasis on the fact that of OF COURSE a clam will look metallic-colored under ANY mh, especially from the top, so your point doesn't stand.

The monkey is "the evil monkey that lives in my closet", from the Family Guy--but it sure does look like a select number of the peanut gallery at the moment, doesn't it? YOU'RE not being any less hostile. Read back over your posts and see. You're being argumentative, and why? You never PM'd me or emailed me to discuss the problem. Perhaps you're seeing doctored or "colored up" photos of PPE's, because mine are exactly like PPE's without the green. Let me go dig up a shot I took on a borrowed camera. NO alterations, of course, as always.
Old 06/21/2005, 01:39 AM
Premium Member
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Churchville, Va
Posts: 1,746
C'mon guys don't you think you've beaten her up enough? Do you really feel the need to stomp on her now that she's bleeding on the ground?

I have no idea who Caesar 777 is, I've seen her avatar around the RC forums asking and answering questions.

I too did a informal search on her and found that in the 3 pages of RC listed forums that she participated in, totaling 75 subjects 10 of them were her selling something. 10. not a tiny number but certainly not someone using the board to only sell. Isn't it all our secret dream that we can get our tanks to produce at least a fraction of what it cost to set up and run? It seems that things grow well for her and that she may be able to recoup or even make a couple of bucks from her tank. Good for her I wish I could do it, I bet you do too.

LanT,Your tank and the colors are truly beautiful. You had a transaction with her and you weren't happy,we get it. Both of you rehashing and arguing the merits of one light over the other will never get your PPE's to be the purple you imagined they should be. Let it be.

This thread was started by someone who has 8 posts, I also did a search on him, here's what turned up

Go to first new post BUYERS BEWARE of Caesar777 AlphaPhiReefer Buyer/Seller Feedback 81 1936
06/20/2005 11:16 PM
by Caesar777 Go to last post
maxed out 75 gal for sale in melbourne Fl cook Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 20 656
06/20/2005 04:15 PM
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Aqualogic 1/4 HP Chiller FS, Ohio szwab Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 4 250
06/18/2005 02:46 PM
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06/13/2005 01:03 PM
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Titan Chiller, in Stamford lower price ljsreptiles Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 8 292
06/12/2005 11:38 AM
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chiller price dropped trades considered( tell me what you have) breedingroom Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 8 495
05/27/2005 01:48 PM
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Reef Equipment for Sale/Long Island, NY pjdussol Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 66 3991
05/27/2005 01:17 PM
by AlphaPhiReefer Go to last post
FS, New Ocean 1/4hp chiller, Orlando FL Aquaman Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 6 468
05/27/2005 12:18 PM
by AlphaPhiReefer Go to last post
Seattle/Portland: 55 gal REEF-READY acrylic tank DRILLED w/OVERFLOW, stand, PC light Caesar777 Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 36 434
05/10/2005 10:53 AM
by Caesar777 Go to last post
misc equip in Lafayette, LA, will ship, PC's etc. rockdr Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 3 256
05/04/2005 09:45 PM
by rockdr Go to last post
fs metal healide steveo32 Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 4 461
05/04/2005 01:12 PM
by pmcbride Go to last post
Double 150w HQI pendant set-up w/ new Ushio bulbs in IL djswift Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 8 204
05/04/2005 10:21 AM
by djswift Go to last post
Tanks For sale anthony34 Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 9 1317
05/04/2005 02:39 AM
by AlphaPhiReefer Go to last post
FS: Skimmer, VHO and Metale Halide stuff. SF Bay dannieboiz Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 16 783
05/03/2005 05:36 PM
by dannieboiz Go to last post
remora pro, pc lights, SWCD f/s will ship mogulski Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 11 493
05/03/2005 02:31 PM
by mogulski Go to last post
Hamilton dual metal halide light fixture - Syracuse NY aqualab Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 7 586
05/03/2005 01:04 PM
by AlphaPhiReefer Go to last post
Brand New 80g Truvu Bow-front, Fremont, CA synigod Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 4 156
05/03/2005 03:54 AM
by synigod Go to last post
Hamilton Halides & PC retrofit for Sale bboats Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 4 322
05/01/2005 06:04 PM
by bboats Go to last post
Bow-Front 80g Truvu for sell , Fremont CA. synigod Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 4 152
05/01/2005 01:53 PM
by synigod Go to last post
reef devil delux f/s viggen Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 2 140
05/01/2005 10:25 AM
by viggen Go to last post
Tank setup f/s in north ga top of tge line stuff SITNLOWDOWN Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 35 1011
05/01/2005 12:06 AM
by SITNLOWDOWN Go to last post
Industrial Halide lighting ballasts Texas hqi and standard. TexasTodd Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 8 345
04/30/2005 03:03 AM
by DanielMar Go to last post
FS AquaC Remora Pro with Mag3/skimmerbox/drainage addition Mercutio Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 6 321
04/29/2005 02:34 PM
by AlphaPhiReefer Go to last post
FS: Hamilton Technology 48" Retrofit: 2-250W MH & 4-55W German PC's iSpeakWhale Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 11 427
04/28/2005 12:11 PM
by iSpeakWhale Go to last post
70w MH Bulb, Ballast, 175w MH Ballast, Bulb, Reflector, Austin TX ianmoede Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling 17 513
04/26/2005 05:21 AM
by AlphaPhiReefer Go to last post

every single post except this one was in the used equipment selling board. Interesting

I wish I had something profound to close with.......but sometimes we need to just step back and let 2 people work out their own problems. We can never know what truly transpired between the original poster and Caesar, we can only make judgements on what they choose to tell us and based on 20/20 hindsight. Should Caesar have made different decisions, sure. But this thread has been going on since 5/6/05 and we have not heard back from the original poster, for all we know he already got his money from Fed Ex.


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