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Originally posted by xinumaster
Just tested my tank sw parameters last night. After I changed 45g of water.
alk =12dkh
salinity 1.024
CA = 360ppm
mg = 1100ppm

Salt was from a bucket that I ordered last Feb. I got a couple more buckets that I just ordered 3mo ago but I haven't opened this buckets yet. I might open them up tomorrow and test it too.
That is a good bucket. I expect those numbers at 1.024

If mixed at 1.0264 (35ppt) your calcium and magnesium numbers will be more in line with the RC I know.

1/2 cup of RC in 1 gallon of water will not yield 1.0264

Thats just the way it is made.

You will need close to 3/4 cup of salt in 1 gallon of water to yield 1.0264 Actually its a little less but certainly more than 1/2 cup.

For what its worth, I've tested about 10 different salt mixes and none of them yielded 1.0264 with exactly 1/2 cup of salt mix. Some were a little better than others but thats a test I'm working on for another day.

When you talk cost per gallon, it is good to know how much salt it takes to make 35 ppt. I believe this makes a big difference in the long run.