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Exclamation Reef Crystals - The results are in...

As some of you may have seen in the other thead I mailed some Reef Crystals to Aquarium Systems to be tested.

This afternoon I got a call from Bob Studt, the Quality Controll manager. He said they tested my salt 3 times each with very similar results. At 1.026:

Mg: 1150
Ca: 380

He stated that currently there are no batch numbers on buckets so there is no way to track if a bucket is good or bad.

He also apologized to everyone who is having these troubles but explained they can not send out salt to everyone who quotes low numbers on an internet thread.

If you would like your salt replaced by Aquarium Systems you'll need to mail them a sample. I find this pretty resonable... Although I'm not sure what it is yet, Bob did tell me he'd throw in some goodies for my trouble. If your salt is low, I'm sure he'll do the same for you...


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