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Is there proof that soaking frozen food works?

I started a thread today about a fish I got that has always been a dream of mine earlier today. The survival of this fish over a long period of time by any keeper that I have heard has been 2 years at the most. So I wonder if any of those supplements, (i.e selcon, garlic etc.) are actually being absorbed by the frozen foods we add them to? I personally can't see a viable amount of lets say selcon being absorbed by a thawed out silverside. When feeding predatory fish we're always told to stay away from live foods (parasites etc). Maybe that's where we are going wrong when feeding marine predatory fish, and not feeding live foods. If we feed live food to our predatory fish and have fed "food" with high quality nutrition; then this will undoubtedly be passed onto the fish that is being fed. Sorry for being long winded. So any proof that frozen food actually "soak up" all these expensive supplements? Regards Tim
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