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it is amazing how something that is supposed to be simple turns out to be complicated. in addition, it is also amazing how easy it is to say things that are ill informed at best.

if anyone knew how financial institutions work, one would realize that their main interest is themsleves.

as i have said before, i spend a lot of money, something i dont mention because it is uncalled for but i will say it in this situation. as i spend more money in a month than most people make in a year (cost of running an office etc.), there are a lot of charges on my credit cards. as i have said before, with all this financial activity, i have and still am subject to a lot of fraudulent charges. i usually get one or two per month. i, or my wife, regularly call credit card companies to question charges etc.

as i called amex, they said they have the 'right' to hold funds when a charge back for several months. what does this mean, they can legally not pay, hold the money, collect interest, re-invest etc. that is amex. paypal, if anyone cares to know, can legally hold funds for 75 days.

again, i can only apologize so many times for filing the charge back, and i will cease to do so. i am in no way responsible for the slowness of amex or paypal in returning your money. if you have a gripe with how fast your money was returned to you, you should take up your complaint with paypal. i am tired of hearing about how i didnt pay you back or was trying to rip you off etc. all my phone calls to amex and paypal should be registered. if you are curious to how much time and effort i went to get your money back to you, you are more than welcome to call them and ask.

i am happy that you finally got your money. it is too bad that this transactions went this way. i have purchased tens of thousands worth of equipment and livestock through reef central contacts, yes, tens of read that correctly. if anyone even needs to question my integrity, i am more than happy to list the people i have purchased from, including two police, trust me, i do not have any fear of the police.
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