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if you plan is to use the 8 way then i wouuld use the hammer head on that valve. depending on the skimmer you use for this tank you you might be able to feed all the water comming out of your overflows and put it through your skimmer. the head loss you will get from the sup to the tank will be enough so your skimmer might handle the flow alot better. gravity feeding your skimmer brings alot more of the desolved organics to the skimmer.
with this design you would still need some tunze streams or other pumps that are super high flow to increase the circulation in your tank. having the plumbing in the rock wirk is a good idea so you dont have dead spots in your tank. the tunze streams can be hidden behind rock work so you cant see them.
low flow high circulation systems are becomming alot more popular becasue they decrease the need for big pumps and puts all the water throught he skimmer. this keeps the tanks cleaner and you can have a higher bio load in your tank.
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