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A real gem of a person

i want to tell you about my experience with PHLJESS that has taught me a lesson in life.
i put in a nice size order a few days ago - and he was a real gentleman in generously preparing the order - and adding a few free frags. i called him for advice and he was always very pleasant to deal with. the order was shipped and meticoulously packaged! everything triple bagged - heat packs - stirofoam encasing etc. very proffessional, truth is better than a coral company would pack. but then the unexpected happened - the shipper delivered the package two day instead of next day although they refunded the postage - but someone was at a loss, - the corals did not make it. Without hesitation i was credited my money in minutes of his word - Phljess acted with the most credible honest virtues i have ever met in the world - i highly recommend this person as a quality coral seller and as a great human being to learn from.