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all i will say is you get what you pay for. =) you want any coral nice and colored it will be more then the brown or common one.

aussie acans are healthy, great color morph, collected by someone with similar labor rates as in the us. yes they end up being a lil more then the indo. well i am sure people on this board are aware of going rates and such. if someone wants to spend large amounts on a colony that is there issue and money. just because hobbiest are selling them under fish store rates to make a quick but the stores still have to worry about there overhead.

honestly if corals come in like this all the time. one might as well bend me over, cuz i like new and fresh and willing to pay for it within reason. some of these beauties are still nice looking that some of those high priced LE colored sticks or challices.

thanks to those aussie collectors i now have nice peices like this to drool over when i am down.purple pink and green
no complaints on this end , and my butt dont hurt.