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Originally posted by jjmcat
Does it really matter?Is an acan not an acan?Price jacking is what it is plain and simple.So let me get this right then.

Am I seeing this wrong or am I
Yes it does matter. Please tell me you're not serious with that statement.

Japanese lords are not common in the US market. They aren't even imported legally. How many LFS have you seen Japanese lords at? Sure if you go to Japan they're very cheap. And Ricordia Floridas are very expensive.

Your statement is as narrow minded as saying why pay Kobe Bryant $19 million a year, just get Eddie Jones and pay him $2 million a year. Whats the differece, a shooting guard is a shooting guard right?


Why go to UCLA for an education, just go to Long Beach State. Why is it so much more to go to UCLA. Is a college not a college?


Its like drinking a $400 bottle of wine, why not just get a $20 bottle of wine. Is wine not wine?

I'm not arguing the fact that some lords are expensive. Some are. But sorry to say, all lords are not created equal. Just like humans, the prettier ones are harder to find and more in demand.