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Question on light acclimation.

hey all,

i did a search but nothing that answered my question popped up.

i have a crocea clam in my 55 reef tank which has PC lighting, however i plan on moving it into my 20 gallon tank which has 150 watts of MH. i know that its not a good thing but the clam is currently at the bottom of the 55 and i know that it is a major light difference from the bottom of my 55 to the bottom of my 20, now the question ism within the next few weeks, when i do put the crocea into the 20 how do i properly acclimate it to te stronger light, and can the stronger light actually cause any harm?

another question i had is that i have noticed that since i have bought the clam it has lost some of its coloration and become more of a solid blue when it had some gold before, will it regain this coloration, or even gain new color?


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