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Question So, let's just say I lost my mind and decided to get back into the reptile hobby...

I've been wanting to get a male and female Burmese Python for some time now. I used to keep snakes, including Burmese and Ball pythons and even a red-tail boa, in my late teens, but have been out of the hobby for well over a decade.

I have a huge plywood box that was going to be a plywood aquarium, but the size was just too big for me to finish. It measures 8' long x 3' deep x 2' high. It can easily be converted to the task of snake cage and would be big enough for a pair of Burmese for quite some time.

I am very much aware of the dangers of keeping these snakes and their requirements, but does anyone know how to get in touch with reliable local breeders? I've tried, but I keep being directed to the rescue link. I want to stay away from pet stores when I make my purchase. If you abhors pet stores for fish, you probably haven't been in the reptile sections.

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions?
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