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Originally posted by Harleyguy
For a mixed reef what kind of flow should I be looking for? Gph? 4x, 8x 10x volume?
this is the big benifit to using the tunze streams. there adjustable so you can make the flow what ever you want. if you tanks flow needs change you can increase the flow with the controller. the bigger your corals get the more flow you actually need in the tank to push the water around the corals. you can hide anything in your tank with a little creative work.
it really depends on how your tank is set up and where your overflows are located. false pannels thatare covered by live rock can house the tunze streams and still make then accessable to maintain them.

can you post a drawing of what you would like your tank to look like and where your overflow will be located. i now you want to use glass for your tank. it just depends on where you want you overflow(s) to be.
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