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I agree with an earlier comment about car options. Go with an '03 -'04 Cobra and boost the heck out of it. I've always had a mustang until the wife got sick of seeing me in the garage all the time. I finally bought a nice "family car" - '07 Volvo S60R and when it's paid off in a couple years, I'm picking up an '03-'04 Cobra and adding twin turbos'. Check out Hellion Turbo Systems latest kit for this engine - unreal! Vipers just never did it for me. For that money, I'd get a Z06 or 911.

But, you made the right decision. I'm in the beginning stages of building a large reef as well and I wouldn't trade it for another car for a second.

I also recommend the Euro mini split A/C units. I plan to install one in my tank room which will also be located in the basement. Seems like a reasonably priced unit can be had for around $1k precharged with refrigerant.
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