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CoMMaNdeR 01/11/2008 05:14 AM

Which species are good for a 15g
Which species are good for a 15g aquarium?
I want to keep a pair if possible.


CoMMaNdeR 01/11/2008 05:24 AM

I was thinking a pair of Odontodactylus scyllarus, about 3" each.
What do you think?

Pea-brain 01/11/2008 05:30 AM

Mantis shrimp are extremely territorial-you'd end up with 1-2 dead mantises. For that size tank check out 1 P. ciliata. Or look at Dr. roy's list and see what mantises look good for you (most gonodactylids and neogonodactylids would be fine). The only mantises in the hobby that form long term pair are large spearers like L. maculata and they need a larger tank.


gholland 01/11/2008 07:40 AM

15 gallon is too small for even one O. scyllarus. Most people recommend 30 gallon minimum for a peacock. You could put a divider in a much larger tank, maybe 100 gallons, and keep one on each side, but I wouldn't put two mantis in the same tank space. Check out Dr. Roy's pages for specifics:


CoMMaNdeR 01/12/2008 01:21 AM


If I cannot keep 2 mantis it is okay, I will keep why. I cannot understand why I cannot keep a small 2" Peacock mantis shrimp in a 15g. Can someone please tell me why?

My LFS cannot import me any species of mantis shrimp, he told me he can import the squilla.spp

When visited the above page I saw twp species of squilla that are squilla epusa and squilla rugosa. What do you think about these species ?

DanInSD 01/12/2008 02:17 AM

You can keep a 2" peacock mantis in a 15g aquarium. However, they don't stay this size for long, and the mantis will quickly outgrow this, both in terms of physical/"psychological" needs for bigger quarters, but also in terms of waste production/dilution. It is good practice to plan for the "eventual" needs of the specimen. If you start with a 30, you won't need to plan on "upgrading" in a year or two.


CoMMaNdeR 01/12/2008 02:22 AM


Any information about the squilla.spp ?

Also what type of filtration do you need to do in such small setups?

Someone forgot who, one time said that he have only sand and liverocks, and the only thing he does is 10% frequent water change every week. Is this enough?

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