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jimdogg187 07/08/2007 10:16 AM

Its impossible to measure a skimmers performance on what it removes "per day". Everyone's tank is different, with differnt fish, corals, and nutrient loads.

But the skimmate you are getting looks like the skimmer is functioning well.

One common thing about a good skimmer that is slightly oversized, at first it will pull out lots of skimmate. However, as soon as it catches up with your bioload, you should expect to see a decrease in production.



ghstrider 07/08/2007 10:02 PM

hey guys...
I bit the bullet and purchased this bad boy for my 72g bow build...


Its not running yet but when it is ill chime in w/ questions im sure!

Tasher80 07/08/2007 11:13 PM

My riser tube thing broke. The gray part that actually attaches to the acrylic tube is actually loose from the skimmer. I need to reattach that piece to the acrylic tube. Should I use weldon 16 or weldon 4?

melev 07/09/2007 12:15 AM

#16, Tasher80

Tasher80 07/09/2007 05:32 PM

Thanks that what I was thinking. Good thing I have 16 laying around from making my sump.

Tunjee 07/09/2007 05:50 PM

My 3 year old rs5-2 will not restart the bubbles unless I blow into the tube. Any ideas? I cleaned it out real good too.

petedoc 07/09/2007 07:13 PM

You need a new pump

EuroReef Tec1 07/09/2007 07:29 PM

Tunjee: PM sent

original-reefland 07/09/2007 08:27 PM

[QUOTE][i]<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=10305448#post10305448 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by Tunjee [/i]
[B]My 3 year old rs5-2 will not restart the bubbles unless I blow into the tube. Any ideas? I cleaned it out real good too. [/B][/QUOTE]

I have a recent RC-500 (less than a year) and both of my SP4's do that. I have to blow in the tubes to clear the water.

In my case its related to the length of the tubes. I had to extend them higher above the water level to prevent it from squirting out water if one pump should stop but the other kept running.

EuroReef Tec1 07/09/2007 08:56 PM

Rich: PM Sent

Tasher80 07/09/2007 10:13 PM

What is the best way to keep the seal loose on the skimmer. It seems a little tight when I try to turn the the collection cup off. Would vaseline be bad for the tank? I know its supposed to be tight but its kind of hard to turn.

EuroReef Tec1 07/09/2007 10:18 PM

Tasher PM sent

jimdogg187 07/09/2007 10:19 PM

Use a little bit of silicone grease on the oring. That'll fix it up.

You can find it at ACE. Have had no luck at my local HD though.


original-reefland 07/09/2007 11:42 PM

[QUOTE][i]<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=10307594#post10307594 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by jimdogg187 [/i]
[B]Use a little bit of silicone grease on the oring. That'll fix it up.

You can find it at ACE. Have had no luck at my local HD though.


Same here. Ace has it in the plumbing section. Folks at HD had no idea what I was talking about and kept insisting Lithium grease would work just as good (don't use that).

What I got at Ace was a round container with a flip open lid. Bit messy to use. I can't find it in a tube.

I hate when the o-ring falls off half-way to the sink. Dusty silicone grease mixed with some cat hair is darn impossible to clean up.

Tennsquire 07/11/2007 09:44 AM

I want to change the output on an older CS6-1 (the telescoping pvc output that's a pain to adjust). Does anyone know if ER sells the twist-valve riser pipes that are one their newer skimmers??? I suppose I could just hunt up a gate valve and do it myself, but was just wondering if they had a one-stop solution.

jimdogg187 07/11/2007 10:29 AM

Thats a great question.

I'd like to swap the GV on my RC180 for a wedge pipe.

ER Tec, do you guys sell these?


markandkristen 07/13/2007 01:29 AM


here is a link to my recirculating mod its not the greatest but maybe it will help some that are wanting to do this mod to their skimmer

izzypop 07/13/2007 09:05 AM

Don't see too many of the new RC500 pics anywhere so thought I'd share the new beast. It works fantastic. 3rd Euroreef and love it. The collection cup is massive.

Voyager1000 07/13/2007 02:57 PM

any ideas what I can put under my RS 180 to reduce the noise?
its very loud in my sump.


Voyager1000 07/13/2007 07:20 PM

Ok, I've purchased some foam "anti-fatigue" mat to use under the pumps.

Has anyone had any experiences (good or bad) using something like this?

sjm817 07/13/2007 08:07 PM

Izzypop, killer skimmer! What size system is it on?

izzypop 07/13/2007 09:00 PM

3' x 3' x 28" Envision Acrylic Cube. It had an under rated cs135 in the pic that wasn't cutting it. This skimmer has cleaned the water crystal clear.

sjm817 07/13/2007 09:07 PM

Wow, That like a 160g tank. I would say you no longer have an undersized skimmer! :lol:

markandkristen 07/14/2007 11:53 PM

got my 12-2 going today did the recirculating mods on this one and im getting a little excited curious as to what this bad boy is going to do LOL got my work work in today as well 225lbs





that thing barely fit in my 40 gallon breeder


Voyager1000 07/15/2007 08:38 AM

well I've tried several materials under the pump for my RS180, and I'm convinced that the pump itself is just LOUD.

does anyone have suggestions on how to lower the noise of this pump?

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