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fierceseaman 01/08/2008 12:37 AM

Your ideas for a LPS only tank.
Within the next year I will probably have the opportunity to do a major upgrade. Right now I'm just sitting on the Rea Sea Max all in one system and its been great for exactly what I bought it for: too see if I like this hobby. And I do, most importantly I really like LPS corals.

When I upgrade I really want the system to be focused on providing the best environment for LPS. I don't want to mess around with SPS except for maybe some monti cap or turbinaria. The main focus on the tank will be the LPS. I enjoy all euphyllia, brains (open and closed of all flavors), acans, elegance, and favia. So pretty much all the popular LPS.

As I understand, the best environment would be a lagoon type display with a little bit lower flow than your average setup.

What would you guys think would make this tank a success in terms of lighting, flow, size, ect? I'd really like any input that anyone can add.

Finding Emo 01/11/2008 08:27 PM

Well, I recently just started and I love LPS too. Especially euphyllia. How big of a tank were you thinking of upgrading to?

Mental1 01/11/2008 08:55 PM

I have a 65 with a bit of everything and I think it is too small (maybe I have gone a bit over the top!). I have torch, hammer, elegance, frogspawn, blasto, plate, acan, scoly, lithphyllon, chalice, duncans, and leptestrea for LPS. I have leather, xenia, gorgonian, zoas, palys and shrooms for softies. I have oculina, Stephanocoenia, birdsnest, pocilliopora, monti plating and digitata, and capricornis for SPS. I think T5's are fine. I am using hydor koralia for flow and they work great. I am contemplating going to a 180. I would go to at least a 120 because these corals are going to quickly outgrow my tank and they look good big!

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