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Lpabsolute 05/02/2006 06:00 PM


cbashaw 05/02/2006 07:36 PM

I picked this rock up this weekend.


malkier22 05/03/2006 05:38 PM

keep posting new pics!!

bradleyj 05/03/2006 06:30 PM

Here are a couple of new pictures I just took.




lvreefer 05/04/2006 04:35 PM

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Do you know how much money you are going to cost me now?

So what are some of the key points to keeping Florida rics happy? I have an 18? deep tank with VHO lighting (2 act / 2 50/50). I have a fine sand substrate bottom with plenty of open rock work to place them anywhere in the tank for different lighting and flow needs.

slave-of-rock 05/04/2006 11:19 PM

I need to get batteries for my camera tomarrow! I got some blue, orange, green and mixed colored rics this past weekend at IMAC. I have still yet to take pics... This weekend after prom you shall see :D. Beautiful pieces everyone!

kwiker 05/06/2006 06:06 PM

BradleyJ , awesome rics and I love the hairy mushrooms.

andiruleu 05/14/2006 09:57 PM

man i want rics!

metalManiac 05/15/2006 05:57 AM

this is my humble ric.

not sure what the color exactly is but its leaning mostly to pink. Notice the loveheart at 6oclock at the base of the mouth? :rollface: (cost me only $6). who am i to argue that this is not a normal mushroom polyp? ;)


mikekman 05/15/2006 11:15 AM

Metalmaniac, at $6 you got a killer deal. That heart thing at the 6 o' clock position is cool too.

my2girls 05/15/2006 02:20 PM


Quatro 08/15/2006 10:45 PM

Bump, there's some great pics in this thread!


hogpark7430 08/15/2006 10:51 PM


slave-of-rock 08/15/2006 11:14 PM

Heres a pic of my yuma about a month after it spun its head off and started re-growing a new one, these are the true colors, its on the top right.
-Kyle Kaz

theyeg2 08/20/2006 03:51 PM

Pinkish Yuma w/ baby
Pinkish Yuma w/baby[IMG][/IMG]

amazonlover 08/23/2006 02:56 PM

............. I think i droold..........

jessp 08/24/2006 05:31 PM

some of my orange rics

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"></a>

if i take pictures with just actinics they really glow

paininthewrasse 08/24/2006 09:32 PM

great thread.. Im def.. happy it resurfaced.. I'll post my ric pics tomorrow..

Ryanqk 08/26/2006 05:23 AM

I feel like i just had a acid trip after looking at all these colorfull pics lol

mr_miagi32 08/27/2006 07:04 AM

Its just not as good as the ones posted above:


this is me 08/30/2006 09:57 PM

Because of this thread, I just spent $150 on a rock of ricordia. It's in the LFS holding tank because I'm leaving for a few days for labor day weekend, and I dont want to add anything new to the tank while I'm gone. Will definitely have pics when I come back to pick it up.

bmhair03 09/02/2006 08:30 PM

Bad pic sorry .You can kidda see the new babie cloning off the big Yuma.I think there are 4 already[IMG][IMG][/IMG][/IMG]

drummereef 09/05/2006 12:31 AM

WOW! BradlyJ - that is truly insane! Awesome :eek1:

this is me 09/05/2006 05:46 PM

Here is what I've picked up.

this is me 09/05/2006 09:28 PM

Some pics under actinic.

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