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SPStoner 01/11/2008 09:47 PM

2 frag packs available LE SPS and LPS
After my recent tank re-aquascaping, I have some frags available. I have the following two packs ready to go and can ship any day next week. FedEx overnight is included in the price. I would prefer not to break up the packs if possible, but can work with you if you want to sub something. If you are serious about buying, I can email some pictures for you, just PM me your email address. I have decent pics of most of the mother colonies on my photobucket page, but there are a few that I need to take new shots of.

Pack 1- $285
3/4" LE Pink Polyp Cap
1" LE Flower Petal Monti Cap
1" 30,000 Leagues Lokani
3/4" frag LE Purple Monster
1" frag Aussie Red Millie
1" ORA Chips Acro

Pack 2- $245
3/4" LE Tubs Alien Eye Chalice
3/4 LE Meteor Shower Cyphastrea
2" Leng Sy Cap - original documented coral
1.5" ROAB Digi (orange polyp w/green base)
3/4" Spstoners Watermelon Chalice
3/4" frag of bright blue w/ yellow eye chalice

turbonegro 01/11/2008 10:52 PM

pm sent

mtfatwork 01/11/2008 10:56 PM

Tony I am interested in Pack 2 pm me if it is still avail and I will send paypal when I get into work in the late morning hours tomorrow.

sdietz2469 01/12/2008 01:14 AM

pm sent 2nd in line for pack 2...

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