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Don_Gnomio 01/11/2008 01:09 AM

Question on light acclimation.
hey all,

i did a search but nothing that answered my question popped up.

i have a crocea clam in my 55 reef tank which has PC lighting, however i plan on moving it into my 20 gallon tank which has 150 watts of MH. i know that its not a good thing but the clam is currently at the bottom of the 55 and i know that it is a major light difference from the bottom of my 55 to the bottom of my 20, now the question ism within the next few weeks, when i do put the crocea into the 20 how do i properly acclimate it to te stronger light, and can the stronger light actually cause any harm?

another question i had is that i have noticed that since i have bought the clam it has lost some of its coloration and become more of a solid blue when it had some gold before, will it regain this coloration, or even gain new color?


skinz78 01/11/2008 01:16 AM

take some window screen and put a couple of layers between the clam and the light. this should shade it a bit. after a few days start removing layers of screen. when the screen is all removed slowly start moveing it up on the rocks.

This process should take days maybe weeks.

Chances of your clam coloring back up are slim but it may a little.

Don_Gnomio 01/11/2008 01:21 AM

thanks :)

Don_Gnomio 01/11/2008 01:42 AM

another quick, yet unrelated question.
i would rely like to have a squmosa clam, however i do realize that they would out grow my tank, and probably quickly, however what i would like to know is what is the common growth rate for a clam? within the next year i plan on upgrading the lighting on my 55 gallon to MH or even upgrading the entire tank to something bigger, and was wondering if within a year or so tome if it would out grow the tank.

thanks again,

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