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glxtrix 01/10/2008 01:53 PM

FS - coralvue 175W ballast
Electronic ballast in great condition. $80 shipped to your door.

gman08016 01/10/2008 03:40 PM

Is it just ballast.Reflector,Socket,Bulb ?

glxtrix 01/10/2008 03:54 PM

just ballast. I could throw in a used 10K about 5 months on it, as well as a mogul socket, just need to get a reflector.

gman08016 01/10/2008 04:04 PM

If you have it next week i will take it.Just can't do it this week.Send me an email if you still have it after thursday.

glxtrix 01/10/2008 04:43 PM

will do

glxtrix 01/10/2008 11:16 PM


raynist 01/11/2008 11:25 PM

How old is it? Any pictures?

glxtrix 01/12/2008 02:52 AM

I believe its a little over a year. I bought it from a fellow reefer with intentions to use it but never have. I can get a pic posted tomorrow.

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