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AVALover5498 12/27/2006 12:56 PM

Pipefish Picture Thread!
Ok, I'm going to be ordering a DragonFace Pipefish pretty soon so I was hoping that people could post pics of their pipes. It doesn't matter what species it is as long as it's a pipefish.:)


AVALover5498 12/29/2006 05:30 PM

Man, 79 views and no pics! Come on people!:)


ReefNutPA 12/29/2006 06:33 PM

During the last two months or so... there's been quite a few pics posted of pipes ;)


AVALover5498 12/29/2006 09:43 PM

Yeah well......Not in this thread! Where they should be!:p


danfrith 12/30/2006 06:56 PM

Here you go:

scapes 12/30/2006 08:41 PM

ok,'s mine. took it today:

I like danfrith's better....

danfrith 12/30/2006 11:08 PM

Whoa, never seen that species of pipe before. What is it?
And heres an old picture:

masterswimmer 12/30/2006 11:21 PM

My Janns pipefish:


ranran 12/31/2006 01:14 PM

here is my pair,

AVALover5498 12/31/2006 05:54 PM

Yeah, what is the genus of that pipe scapes? Great pics everyone! Keep it up!:)


scapes 12/31/2006 07:30 PM

don't have a it from

i want to know where everyone else got theres? there are some pretty ones here....

danfrith 12/31/2006 09:19 PM

After doing a little research it appears that scapes pipefish is an unidentified species only known by its common name as the diamond or carribean pipefish.

danfrith 12/31/2006 09:27 PM

Actually it might be a gulf pipefish (Syngnathus scovelli).

AVALover5498 01/01/2007 12:47 PM

The world may never know!:)


angels mcgee 01/01/2007 02:19 PM

Where did you guys get the blue striped pipefish?

scapes 01/01/2007 03:20 PM

ok, interesting thread here...
I told ya'll where I got mine, where did everyone else get theres??
I like mine, but there are some PRETTY ones on here, so who are the online vendors selling pipefish out there??

scapes 01/01/2007 03:24 PM

after some searching, I found that has the banded pipefish for $14 and the Janss' pipefish for $26.40. I want to say I got my "unknown" for about $3-$5. can't remember.

scapes 01/01/2007 03:26 PM

would it be cool to mix breeds or are they like seahorses...same species in the same tank???

todd rose 01/01/2007 06:42 PM

beautiful fish

AVALover5498 01/01/2007 10:49 PM

I've seen a couple different tanks that mixed different species of pipefish and they all seemed to be doing fine.:)


danfrith 01/01/2007 10:54 PM

I have gotten all my pipefish from the LFS ( I would first see if they have any or can special order you some). I would recommend to buy your pipefish at, they have a good variety and thier animals seem to be very healthy. Right now I have my bluestripe in with my multibanded and they seem to ignore each other. What ever your choice, good luck.

diverdan814 01/02/2007 07:26 AM

I have a bluestripe with 2 dragonface pipes. They get along fine.

orb 01/03/2007 06:42 AM

how many pipes could you put in a 25h with no other fish and a skimmer/macros? TIA

AVALover5498 01/03/2007 11:11 AM

I would think 2, That would be the max. Just do plenty of water changes.:)


scuba connor 01/03/2007 03:42 PM

hey what do you feed pipe fish ?

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