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syrinx 01/07/2008 12:08 AM

The New CIMA
As has been spoken of in the past, CIMA has been missing in action for some time. There were some issues within the club which made it less fun, and thus made the movers and shakers burn out or go elsewhere. For the last several months there has been discussion over restarting CIMA and how to go about it. While it is the goal of CIMA to continue its ideals of education, community outreach, and captive propigation- none of the original administration will remain. BPeugh has scheduled a meeting, informal in nature, as a mixer for folks to get face to face time. I fully support him in taking action to get things moving again, and hope many will show up. That being said I do not want to take his meeting and hospitality for granted and turn it into a CIMA policy discussion or meeting. We will schedule a meeting- based on intrest- for Feb that will be the first official CIMA event. We are blessed in the champaign area to have so many hi level reefers,scientists, and good hearted people always willing to lend a hand-no reason not to all get together again. Please PM me with suggestions, or to express an intrest in helping the club get back on its feet.

Vitaly 01/07/2008 12:50 AM

I am looking forward to seeing some old, familiar faces and hopefully many new ones.

Is this meeting still scheduled to take place on [B]Sunday, January 27 at 2 pm?[/B]

bpeugh 01/07/2008 02:49 PM

As of right this minute it is.

syrinx 01/07/2008 05:04 PM

Thanks Brett- as you get confirmations of people comming let me know and I will try to help out with pop and whatnot. I think we should potluck snacks and drinks and let the host worry about having the area ready- but not undergoing a cash outlay to host the club.

llewoh05 01/07/2008 05:12 PM

A potluck sounds like a great idea. Sign me up for 2. Let me know what kinda food everyone is looking to eat. The wife isn't too bad of a cook.....I'm still alive.

BPeugh - Your the man!

bpeugh 01/07/2008 10:36 PM

Dude, it is only a 20L. If anyone has any small gobies they want to get rid of, let me know.

UH_OH_5_OH 01/08/2008 05:50 AM

I will still be on night shifts then.......but I, disguised as a sleep deprived zombie, will attend !!!

hounddog01 01/08/2008 11:01 AM

Congratulations!! I wish you great success!

GreenBay1 01/08/2008 01:07 PM

Cool! I hope you have a wonderfully successful new year.

lglamb 01/08/2008 03:44 PM

10-4 on the potluck theory.

I've seen less food (and people) at a family reunion than
what those meetings were getting to be.


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