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05/12/2005, 07:26 PM
Just wanted to show off the new setup..
92 gal Aga Corner, 36" AB Ocean Light 2x250W 10k AB, 2xT5 Ocean BLues, Outside Plumbing. So far this setup is great, Temps have not been a problem. System is almost silent in the house. These where taken the day after setup so all the corals are not totally open yet. They are getting adjusted to the new MH lighting nicely now.
Closer view
Outside Shed and plumbing
I modified the AGA overflow to a Durso, it was really easy and 1-1/4" Pvc fit the Aga stuff perfectly, Nice because it gives height adjustability and a nice snail guard....
Oh well thats it...

05/12/2005, 08:57 PM
Out with the old and in with the new. Looks great Scott.

05/13/2005, 07:13 AM


05/13/2005, 03:18 PM
You may have downsized but you've also upgraded :D .

Do you have a chiller ?


05/13/2005, 03:51 PM
No chiller at this time. Right now my temps are running 78 in the morning and 81 after the MH's shut down. If that maintains I will be a happy camper. My old tank with the hood and 6-96w PC's used to peak at around 83....
I may insulate the outside box, and i am deffinetly adding a ventilation fan to draw air out of it. The big thing in the picture over the sump is a pretty decent fan. Plus I have a fan on my fuge which is under the tank, fed by the overflow then routed outside to the sump so no pump on it either. I have some small 3" fans that I am building a designer housing for that will blow the top of the water on the tank. Really just trying to get more evaporation for Kalk replacement...

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05/13/2005, 09:48 PM
Any one with a tank on an outside wall should think about this..

I saw and didn't hear the tank the other day ... Nice set up ..has me thinking about moving my tank..Yeah Scott looking again at the outside set up you can cut foil faced rigid foam ...from the looks of it you may be able to fit two inch worth ..double stack one in. ??

05/13/2005, 11:34 PM
VERY NICE set up, Scott.

What type of coral is on the left side - big cup shaped? Is that the Kenya tree I gave you in the center?

I see you went without xenia. The batch you gave me is growing well. How can you avoid a chiller when your water runs outside into 90-100 degree weather? Wont the inside of the shed get even hotter, especially if the sun hits it? I like the set up and have been thinking of some out door stuff as well. But how do you plan to beat the heat?

Idea: Insulate the shed and run a duct from your central air into it...


05/14/2005, 05:10 PM
Your going to want to ventilate that shed. I like Daves idea for two reasons.

First you can cool/control the temp of the shed.

Second, you won't get outside contaminents into the tank. My pest control service showed up one day when I wasn't home and the windows were open. If my tank had been anywhere near that window I'm sure it would have been zapped.

however, I know how hard it could be to tap into AC, esp if yours is in the attic. How about a vent fan blowing household air into the shed set up on a cheap thermostate ?

Just throwing out ideas,


multi striped 12
05/15/2005, 04:50 PM
Not answering for you Scott... but he talked about the dryer vent idea and the fans with me from the house if needed...if any of that is done I think you would still have to insulate the box I could also see a shade canopy
over the box

05/16/2005, 07:06 AM
I think if anything the easiest, not the cheapest though is either a small window a/c or a chiller Actually I am surprised at how cool the box stays right now with only a fan blowing in it. The box recieves very little direct sun light. I will insulate it and I have a second fan to mount as an exhaust fan. My hole thru the wall is maxed out with plumbing at this point, not to say another could not be cut it would just be difficult. Summer is close though so time will tell. I am sure winter will bring its own problems...
Dave, the large cup shape is actually a very large Toadstool. The photos where taken not long after the tank was setup and it had not fully opened. It is around 12" in Diameter. The Kenya is a old kenya of mine, which at one point was about 18" talll. Got pruned to around 8" and again is approaching 12". Istill have a small piece from your kenya. He did not like the move much but is starting to settle in well. I like the color of your so it will go good in hte tank. Lost a nice Green Nepthea that fell into my Anenome this weekend and lost the battle, did not notice it till we got home late sunday....

05/16/2005, 07:08 AM
Actually mistakenly that is the Kenya on the Right, The coral in the center is a Colt....

05/18/2005, 09:27 PM

A fwiw post. I have a 5 gallon bucket in the garage with Daves chaeto. The garage got up to 90 degrees today so I checked the bucket temp, 82 degrees with a diy cc skimmer and the ceiling fan running. Perhaps a fan blowing in will do the job ?


05/19/2005, 07:03 AM
I tell you it has been pretty amazing. Our temps outside have peaked near 90. I have a large fan blowing on sump outside, a small fan on fuge inside, and a small fan blowing from under tank up the back. I have increased my light cylcle now to the MH's on for 4.5 hrs which is where I am going to try to leave them. I have also lowered the MH's to my final height. (finished acclimating the new lights). Right now my temp is peaking at 82. I still have work to do to ventilate the shed and I have a design for a nonintrusive fan system to blow across the top of the water. I think these final 2 things will drop 2 deg off. Again it will still be wait and see.

05/23/2005, 02:16 PM

05/23/2005, 02:33 PM
As noted in a seperate post, the recent heat has gotten the best of my plans. A chiller is being added at this time. Not sure if the equipment being inside would have changed this or not. I know the house would have been alot noisier and hotter though....